Healing Herbs

Sunrider’s herbal formulas are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, created by Dr. Chen to heal your body and support its optimal functioning.  Not all product statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Sunrider products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Sunrider offers herbal formulas to support each of the five major body systems, or you can get them all in the one amazing supplement, Quinary, which combines 48 herbs from five separate products listed below: Prime Again, Alpha 20C, Assimilaid, Conco, and LifeStream. Quinary is one of the products I most highly recommend for healing, energy and wellness support.


Quinary® A combination of 48 herbs to heal and support all of your body’s systems. Quinary comes in three forms: capsules, powdered herbal packets, and liquid vials (called Liqui-Five®).

Recommended use: Adult dosage is 10 capsules per day, or 1 packet of Liqui-Five vial per day. Begin with a minimum of 1 to 3 capsules per day and increase as desired. Take the same amount of Quinary with each meal so that nourishing is done consistently throughout the day. Consistent energy is maintained when the body is regularly fed whole food products like Quinary, which provide the needed nutrients to all tissues of the body.

$41.15 for bottle of 100 capsules, $41.15 for 10 packets of powdered herbs, $44.90 for 10 Liqui-Five mini-bottles (5 oz each).(10 Quinary capsules = 1 Quinary powder packet = 1 Liqui-Five vial).To order, click here.

Individualized Herbal Formulas

Prime Again®
Endocrine/Hormonal Support
Prime Again® is formulated to “put you in your prime again!” This formula nourishes the functions of the heart, endocrine, and entire hormonal system including the adrenals, thyroid and reproductive glands. Prime Again® ingredients strengthen the nervous system and the body’s ability to handle stress. Other benefits may include decreased allergic reactions (including hay fever), enhanced recovery from illness or injury, relief of PMS and menopausal symptoms, enhanced sexual response and reproductive processes, and improved muscle strength.

Ingredients: Chinese Yam, Forty Knot Root, Leek Seed, Poria, Cornet Fruit, Paper Mulberry, Eucommia Bark, Mongoliavine Fruit, Morinda Root, Broomrape, Senega Root, Fennel Seed, Lycii Fruit

$41.15 for bottle of 100 capsules. To order, click here.
Alpha 20C
Immune Support
Alpha 20C is formulated to support the immune system with herbs that contain antibacterial, antiviral, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Herbs in this formula support the liver, stomach, urinary tract, lungs, throat, and are also used to treat fevers, coughs and asthma. Alpha 20C gets its name from what it promotes: T Cells (the 20th letter of the alphabet being “T” and “C” standing for cells. Alpha 20 C® is available in both capsules and powder form.

Ingredients: Nandina Flower (Chinese White Flower), Paris Polyphylla root (paris herb) root, scutellari baicalensis (skllkap) root, dandelion root, imperata root.

$41.15 for bottle of 100 capsules. To order, click here.
Digestive Support
Assimilaid® is formulated to support the digestive system, help alleviate constipation, heartburn and gastrointestinal problems, inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus, tonify the spleen, and protect the liver. Herbs in this formula also are used to control blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure, control nausea, and reduce fatigue.

Ingredients: Ginseng Root, Bai Zhu Root, Poria, Licorice Root, Pinellia Root. Orange Peel, Cinnamon Bark, Fennel Seed, Amomum Seed, Mint Herb.

$41.15 for bottle of 100 capsules. To order, click here.
Respiratory Support
Conco® strengthens the immune system against environmental attacks. Herbs in this formula are used to treat colds and the flu, coughs, bronchitis, throat infections, asthma, and high blood pressure. Herbs in this formula also help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, reduce fevers and fatigue, treat digestive and stomach issues, and strengthen the heart.

Ingredients: Mint Herb, Honeysuckle Flower, Chinese Lovage, Golden Bell Fruit, Chinese Catnip, Bell Flower Root, American Lovage Root, Angelica Root, Licorice Root, Bamboo Leaf, Burdock Seed, Reed Root

$41.15 for bottle of 100 capsules. To order, click here.
Circulatory Support
Lifestream® is designed to support and strengthen the circulatory system with herbs that help promote balance and fluidity throughout the body. Signs of imbalance may include cold hands and feet, varicose veins, slow healing, high cholesterol, fluid retention, and a weak nervous system.This formula supports improved circulation, the transport of nutrients and oxygen through the blood stream, elimination of waste and fats, and clearing of heat from the body. Herbs in this formula are also used to stabilize blood pressure, regulate cholesterol, relieve coughs, dispel phlegm and reduce constipation.

Ingredients: Tora Seed, Gou Teng, Sophora Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower, Orange Peel, Pinellia Root, Dwarf Lilyturf Root

$41.15 for bottle of 100 capsules. To order, click here.