Why You Can Trust Sunrider

Manufacturer of Superior Quality Chinese Herbs for Optimal Health and Weight Management

Never have I discovered a health supplement company that offers more integrity and real benefits than Sunrider International. First, Sunrider products are based on traditional Chinese medicine. The company’s founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, was inspired to master and share Chinese medicine after his grandfather helped him grow from a frail, sickly boy to a healthy, young man through the use of Chinese herbs. Watch the video on this page to learn more.

Dr. Chen earned a degree in pharmacology in Taiwan where he met his wife, Oi-Lin Chen, a medical doctor now licensed in the U.S.  Together, they teamed up to create high-quality Chinese herbal supplements based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of balancing the body’s five systems: endocrine, digestive, respiratory, circulatory and immune/defense.

Learn how Dr. Tei-Fu Chen was healed with Chinese herbs as a sickly, frail boy by his grandfather, inspiring him to share this gift of health with the world through Sunrider International.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen inspecting herbs.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen inspecting herbs.

Every Sunrider product is personally developed by the Chens and their team of scientists at Sunrider International, headquartered in Torrance, California. The Chens oversee the research, formulation and production of Sunrider’s products to guarantee their highest quality. Furthermore, Sunrider controls every step of the manufacturing process — from overseeing the use of organically grown herbs to using environmentally friendly processes to ensure their products are of the utmost purity for human consumption.

Concentrated Herbs Make the Difference

Sunrider uses a trade-secret manufacturing process to extract and concentrate the beneficial nutrients from the herbs and food ingredients it uses. The process starts with many pounds of herbs treated through multiple steps to create each pound of herbal supplements.

Concentration is the key to the effectiveness of Sunrider’s products. I was tired of spending money on supplements which I didn’t feel much benefit from. With Sunrider products, I truly feel the difference thanks to their concentrated, quality ingredients and effective Chinese herbal formulations.

Safety & Quality Control

Sunrider’s manufacturing process and quality control leads the health supplement industry.

Sunrider has invested millions of dollars in its own manufacturing equipment for quality control.

Sunrider has invested millions of dollars in its own manufacturing equipment for quality control.

  • Sunrider selects the finest raw herbs available and tests each batch of product for purity throughout the manufacturing process.
  • The company has never used animal proteins in its products.
  • Sunrider does not use popular methods of radiating or fumigating the herbs.
  • Sunrider’s entire manufacturing process is run with environmentally friendly products and processes to protect the environment and its products for human consumption.

Sunrider owns and operates over 2 million square feet of manufacturing space, using the best state-of-the-art equipment in the world. Although most companies hire third-party manufacturers, Sunrider self-manufactures because the Chens care so much about the quality and safety of their products. Sunrider facilities consistently receive prestigious awards for their cleanliness and high standards of food safety.

These are the facts about Sunrider International that I am so happy to share — it’s why I feel so confident about the quality of their products, and why you can feel good about them too.